1 Piece | One Way Ticket - Espresso Blend

1 Piece | One Way Ticket - Espresso Blend

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Creamy, chocolatey mouthfeel with medium-long lasting nuttiness

Tasting Notes: Walnut | Hazelnut | Milk Chocolate

Origin: Brazil & Colombia
Roast Level: Medium-Dark
Altitude: Brazil - 1100-1350m | Colombia - 1700m
Process:  Brazil - Natural | Colombia - Washed

Recommendations for Preparation:
Hot water: 150ml / 5oz at 92°C / 198°F
Brew time: 30 seconds
How to brew: Pour 50ml of water to wet the coffee grind, let it sit for 10 seconds (to extract the flavor), then pour the rest of the water slowly and evenly 

Drip Bag Coffee
10 g ground coffee per sachet

Eco-Friendly Packaging: Recyclable packaging; Compostable filter bags